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Why choose Bacon Advisor?

Going to networking events, being active on Linkedin and holding information booths is expensive and time-consuming. And the results are very mixed. With Bacon Advisor, you only talk to qualified prospects who match your criteria. This way, you have more time to sign new quality customers and take care of your current customers.

Step 1 - Receive Leads

We send you email notifications on prospects that match your criteria, with a brief description of the needs and assets. If you are interested in a prospect, you ask us for his contact details.

Step 2 - Plan Calls

You schedule 15-minute calls with the prospects you are interested in. You only pay referral fees if the prospect accepts a second meeting in person.

Step 3 - Expand Your Business

All you have to do is sign with new customers and serve them well. Advisors with the most satisfied clients will receive more leads.

5 reasons to do business with
Bacon Advisor

Talk only to qualified leads

We take care of qualifying the client for you by asking questions about income, assets and professions.

You only pay for prospects that are worth it

You have no commitment to take as customers the prospects that have been referred to you. You do not pay unless there is a second meeting.

Save time and money

By relying on Bacon Advisor for your prospecting, you can have more time to take care of your customers and prepare financial proposals or plans.

Increased visibility

By working with Bacon Advisor, you will be ranked higher on Hardbacon's directory of advisors, as your clients are encouraged to leave you positive reviews.

No commitment

You can sign up for Bacon Advisor and never talk to our prospects if you don't have the time.